US 2012 Project: Editorial #4, Let the sparks fly

US 2012 election

24 hours and counting until six weeks of incredibly hard work (hopefully!) pays off. This has been a brilliantly ambitious project, and we aim to deliver. To date – in just over a week – our website has reached 16,000 hits. You can listen to our radio coverage and watch our live TV stream online […]

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US 2012 Project: Editorial #3, Live it, breathe it, tweet it

The third of my editorials for our US 2012 coverage. The project has grown to include more than 200 students, from writers and reporters to broadcasting producers and presenters. Our fantastic¬†website is attracting more than 1000 hits a day. We’re now counting down to the night itself, where we will be streaming live TV for […]

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US 2012 Project: Editorial #1, Heart of a President

As Deputy Editor of a massive university project to cover the US election LIVE overnight on November 6th, I’ve had my plate full lately! I’ve been busy¬†commissioning and editing articles, conducting interviews and helping to keep our website looking fresh! I hope you take a look – we have everything from interviews with Stephen Sackur […]

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