What next?

So by now you know that the majority of my time at work is spent behind the camera, and I’ve learned a lot about presenting that way – scripting and directing, and always thinking about structure, timing and delivery.

But in fact, I was presenting long before I was producing and editing. It started with newsreading on the radio at 15, then mini TV docs, magazine shows and live news brodcasts throughout my university training. I also once choreographed and perfomed in a K-Pop tribute music video (25k views and counting, last I saw) but that’s a whole other story…

To date, my presenting experience across radio and video includes:

  • scripting
  • self-shooting/editing
  • autocue
  • voiceovers
  • live broadcasts
  • features
  • mini documentaries

And my special interest areas include:
LOCATIONS: London, Somerset, Cornwall
MEDIA: YouTube, social media, advertising, charity campaigns
PEOPLE: interviews, mental health, women’s health
LIFESTYLE: travel, food, fitness, and dance (tap)

In Summer 2016, I will – finally – be launching my own YouTube channel. Watch this space!