This Girl Is On Fire | Behind The Scenes

I first crossed paths with Andrea and Nick at HELLO!, when I covered a star-studded summer party celebrating their new joint venture: This Girl Is On Fire. It was here I heard first-hand how they hoped to inspire thousands of women to rediscover their spark, overcome their insecurities and go after a life they love. 

Months later – after I’d made my own big decision to go freelance – Nick got in touch. We spoke about the membership they’d been building, the fantastic experts and coaches they had lined up to share their knowledge, and how we might work together. 

It started with editing masterclasses from thought-leaders on everything from daily routines to self-esteem. They were recorded online, then shared with me to make any necessary edits (although what I’ve always loved about the TGIOF team is that they’re here for the bloopers!) and to brand it up, meaning to add opening and closing graphics, music, subtitles, and the TGIOF logo throughout.

Over time, the output has steadily grown, not only as the team worked to create more for their members, but also, crucially, as they listened to feedback on how they liked to consume it.

Now for example, every 30-minute masterclass is shared as a video and as an audio file, to give users the option to sit down and watch it, or listen on the go. 

There’s also the TGIOF podcast, where Andrea interviews inspiring women about the obstacles they’ve overcome, lessons they’ve learned, and their own definitions of thriving. 

And social edits (or teasers) are created for every single exclusive, to give followers across all platforms a sneak peak of the content that’s coming their way. 

I rarely have a week without working on a TGIOF project so I never miss a workout in their “gym for the mind” and, yes, I always feel better for it. It’s become a bit of a running joke, actually, that so often when I’m sending an edit back to the team to upload, I’m waxing lyrical about what I’ve taken away from it. Every session has its own eureka moment.

Almost a year to the day that we had that first conversation about editing, we finally got to team up in real life and film an inspiring afternoon created exclusively for the founding members of TGIOF. You can have a watch of the video below. 

My work with TGIOF continues with the monthly masterclasses and podcast interviews as well as coverage of live events.