The city by boat – GoBoat London

Mondays, typically, are not good days: Early starts. Over-tired. Push-on-through mentality. That’s Mondays, for many of us. Monday evenings, if you’re like me, are not for socialising. Not anymore. When I first came to London, they were often the days that we’d go to press launches or events and be wined and wined again, with only tiny canapés for dinner and disproportionate hangovers the next day (ahem, lesson learned). Now, they’re for coming home and catching up on the time you forgot to actually switch off at the weekend, so I rarely make plans that get in the way.

But this week was different because we were invited to test out the all new GoBoat London experience: two hours of cruising around the city with a few really good friends. Here’s what I loved about it…


  1. With the exception of our cameras, it was a screen-free experience, which meant ample time to take in the views as we sailed by Regent’s Park, London Zoo, Little Venice, and Camden.
  2. We got to take food on board. Hummus on a boat. Ahoy. You’re allowed limited alcohol too, but we stuck to the soft drinks, being Monday and all…

  3. We could all get really into Captain mode because actually, it’s pretty easy to drive (commandeer?). Electric, quiet; one move to go forward or back, another to turn left or right. Admittedly it took me a while, but the fun is in the trying.
  4. River bants. People on passing boats talk to each-other with the same ease as they ignore each other on the tube.
  5. It worked out cheaper than a takeaway, or a movie ticket. If you can round up your friends and fill the boat (maximum of 8 people), it’s £55 for an hour or £85 for two hours, so you’re talking a tenner each. A lot more memorable than another sourdough pizza and sweet potato fries deliveroo’d to your door…

    So go ahead, check your weather app, round up the troops and get on over to GoBoat London. It’s a novel way to see the city, and a great way to make the most of the light evenings that we have left this summer – even if it means stepping out of your Monday comfort zone.

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