July 2016 highlights: churros, chocolate – and remembering the Clinton interview

There are a number of things not to like about Timehop, that inconspicuous little app inviting you to view what happened ‘on this day’ in your life however many – “HOW MANY?!” – years ago. It put fear into my belly recently, realising I’ve been out of uni for as long as I was in it; it regularly reminds me how quickly my nephew is growing up; and it’s more than a little lacking in empathy when it highlights memories made with people you’re no longer connected to, in any sense of the phrase.

But sometimes, it delivers you a treasure. Without it, July 4 may have come and gone without any real attention from me. Instead, I was reminded that two years ago, when I was still an intern, I spent it in Claridge’s, mic-ing up and delivering home-made cookies to Hillary Clinton. At the same time, I was blissfully unaware that we were about to shoot our most successful video to date (now at 6.8m views). And the year before that, I’d just found out that I’d managed a first in my degree…

So on this occasion, Timehop didn’t fill me with dread – or even make me wish that I could go back; it just prompted me to take a break from obsessing about What Next, and instead look back and think – for the sake of my younger, worrying self, if nothing else – that brilliant things often come from unexpected places.

Hillary Clinton
Filming with Hillary Clinton.
CLAIM TO FAME: Hillary Clinton liked my cookies.
Celebrating a First with Mum and Dad.











As for the rest of July 2016, sadly no return visit to Claridge’s (FYI the Earl Grey there is the greatest), but we did hop into the kitchen with Great British Bake Off graduate Martha Collison, who cooked us up some really simple and OH BOY SO DELICIOUS chocolate-covered funnel cakes from her new book, Twist. Funnel cakes, for those who don’t know, are kind of like doughnuts or churros, but easy enough for messy cooks like me to master.

We also released all four videos in our second series with Annabel Karmel; summer lunches and a fail-safe bake from her new Busy Mum’s Cookbook. I don’t mind telling you that we shot these a while ago, on one day in March, and that I’m really proud of the outcome – because I felt we’d improved. I’m proud of the first series, for sure, but I know that part of developing this team is recognising how we perform best, and we’d previously stretched ourselves too thinly. Returning a little wiser, we decided less was more – shooting 4 recipes instead of 6 – and allowed ourselves the time on set and in edit to achieve the style we’d all been after. Annabel’s best-ever chocolate muffins was my favourite recipe, in every way. I even got to pack two to share on the plane that evening, as I went straight from the shoot to a holiday in Portugal (lesson learned for shoot number 3, triple check your busy schedule).

That’s a quick whizz-through July, but there’s more of what we got up to on the YouTube channel. See you in August for some frozen foodie hacks – and (eek!) an exciting update on plans for a solo trip to meet two very chirpy vegetarians…


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