June 2016 highlights: Avo mousse, The Body Coach, and Holly Willoughby

Have you ever made something from a recipe video you’ve watched? I’m guessing that if the answer is yes, it’s not very often, compared to the number of recipes you’ve come across. Think about it: the hours we spend watching Masterchef and GBBO; how often we stop mid-scroll to see BuzzFeed Tasty dominating our Facebook feeds; and how many times we’ve happily replayed Joe Wicks shouting MIDGET TREES at us on Instagram…

The truth is, we don’t have to have any intention to replicate a recipe: we’re eating with our eyes, all of us – with a proven insatiable appetite for all things food.

This recipe, however, I urge you to replicate: it’s a one-minute chocolate mousse (I know) with four ingredients (yes, really) – which you can tweak to make vegan and/or refined-sugar free (OK we’ll stop showing off now). You’ve never had avo like this before.

Also this month, we were back in the kitchen with two more microwave hacks – this time, for full-sized sponges. YouTube still hasn’t outgrown the humble mug cake, but we thought that this lemon pudding and all-in-one chocolate sponge had the edge. Our subscribers must have agreed, because they racked up 45k views between them in just three weeks.

The first in a double-whammy of special guests, the team took off to meet MIDGET TREES himself, The Body Coach, following his Mumsnet webchat. Of course, I wanted to go (that hair), but one of the perks of a growing team is our ability to be in two places at once – so this was left in the capable hands of the others, who had Joe tackle some of the Myths and FAQs of Lean in 15.

Finally, we had the absolute pleasure of filming with Holly Willoughby, who has been busy promoting her new book: Truly happy baby, it worked for me… I was really excited about this collaboration; too often, people forget that we’re not in the business of advertising, so it’s always refreshing to work with talent and teams that immediately understand that at the core of our content there has to be a great idea that’s true to our users. Here, that meant crowd-sourcing the good, the bad, the ugly and the lovely parts of becoming a mum from our Mumsnet bloggers – with Holly presenting their universal truths of parenting.

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes pics from the day, when Holly was kind enough to sign an autograph for our colleague’s son, James, who is one of her biggest fans. We do normally take a “no autograph, no selfies” approach, but this exception was worth it 🙂




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