May 2016 highlights: The best-ever Bakewell, my favourite hack so far, and The Happy Pear

Do you know, I still can’t spell Coeliac correctly on a first attempt. I now have to think (and mispronounce it) Coe-lee-ack as I type, the same way I always utter Wed-nes-day under my breath whenever I’m starting a mid-week To Do list… Just me?

Anyway. To mark Coe-lee-acks Awareness Week (9th – 16th May 2016), we launched a fantastic recipe from the dairy-free, gluten-free – and absolutely glowing, coincidence? – cook, Naomi Devlin, of River Cottage. We wanted to feature homemade gluten-free pastry, as it’s one of the most popular How To searches after perfect gluten-free bread, and so we eventually settled on making a fresh fruit Bakewell tart.

Now, I find cake very easy to turn down (much more of a dark chocolate, fro-yo, or oaty flapjacks girl, myself) but this was delicious. Gloriously gluten-free sweet shortcrust pastry, topped with fresh raspberries and a fluffy almond frangipane. Note: not dairy-free as it includes a little butter – plus the generous helping of cream we drenched it in for the hero shot.

I also met my favourite foodies, The Happy Pear, this month, at the London launch of their latest book, The World of The Happy Pear, which was hosted from the spectacular heights of Penguin’s top floor, overlooking the London skyline. Twin brothers Dave and Steve Flynn have an impossible amount of energy – their cookery demo started with a walking hand-stand entrance – and a truly inspiring enthusiasm for good (vegetarian) food, active lifestyles, and having a laugh. I also love what they’re about in terms of community; they’ve been giving away free porridge every morning for years at their cafe in County Wicklow, Ireland, you know, just because… and a number of their loyal customers feature in the book next to their own accounts of what The Happy Pear means to them. My favourite addition to a growing collection. Watch this space – we’re hopeful to film a collaboration later this year.

the world of the happy pear.jpg

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