April 2016 highlights: A whole lotta chocolate

This month, we got back to business with Cadbury on the topic of children’s birthday parties, and were tasked to source simple yet impressive baking and decorating ideas around a Science theme and a Teddy Bear’s Picnic (tough job, but someone’s got to do it).

For Science, we decided to make a star-scattered chocolate fridge cake – something oh so easy, that’s really just decorated to look out of this world. The recipe features Cadbury Fudge bars, and made me particularly happy as it offers a dark chocolate hit thanks to the melted Bournville, but best of all it comes together really quickly with no need for fancy equipment or even an oven.

And for Teddy Bear’s Picnic? We opted for these super-cute grizzly bear cupcakes, using Cadbury chocolate buttons, sprinkles, and rich chocolate butter icing (out of a tub, who knew?!). Oh, we picked up a nifty tip for turning royal icing pale brown, too – adding a few drops of gravy browning. Turns out, there’s nothing gravy about it, it just works as a colourant – so now you know! Easy-peasy, and adorable.



One thought on “April 2016 highlights: A whole lotta chocolate

  1. Love the Cadburys ideas. I didn’t even know they still made Bournville! Love the teddy bears.
    Well done everyone, brilliant work. It’s so simple too and really attractive.

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