February 2016 highlights: Much love for Pancake day & Valentine’s

I say this every year – WHY don’t we eat pancakes more often?! Okay, admittedly, since the clean eating boom of Deliciously Ella, Honestly Healthy et al, I’m —slightly— less inclined to tuck into an enormous tower of gluten and refined sugar. But I’m yet to find a Saturday morning where there’s time to make some superfood alternative, delicious as they sound.

So we went with what we know: gluten-y, sugary goodness – 100% unsuitable for vegans, and, for good measure, stuffed and topped with the kind of chocolate you could only call ‘raw’ if you were lying. In our defence, this is an amazing hack if you want sweet pancakes that ooze with chocolate from the middle – the direct upload very nearly broke our Facebook feed with over 1m views and 1k shares.

Of course, as soon as the eggs, sugar and Nutella creep back on to the shelves after the pancake day rush, the shop windows turn red and rosy for Valentine’s day. This year, I was actually excited for it – one, because I’d get to spend it with my wonderful boyfriend (I know you’re reading this), and two, because it marked the first release of our next series with Lidl and Michelin starred chef Kevin Love. On the menu? The dish Mumsnetters voted as the top recipe they’d like to master and make as a romantic meal for two: beef wellington. Now, I’m not a steak fan – I know that angers a lot of people – but this was delicious.

Next on the editorial calendar it’s Easter; so what has everyone given up for lent? Pancakes done and dusted, I’m cutting out refined sugar as much as possible… and missing dark chocolate already.

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