December 2015 highlights: The bloggers & The Bombe

The last month of the year ended on a high; I love working with bloggers, and in December we launched two sponsored series with bloggers front and centre.

The first is the work I’m proudest of, from all my time at Mumsnet – the most ambitious project I’ve ever managed from start to finish: we had 1.5 days to shoot 5 recipes (including an entire turkey) for 4 thirty-second festive food videos. And when that was done? A few days to deliver the finished package.

Do have a watch; it was a joy to work with Lidl, blogger Heledd (who kindly let an entire crew take over her home), her two lovely girls and Michelin starred chef Kevin Love. I can officially vouch for ALL the food – job perk – but my favourites are the easy festive nibbles and the alternative Christmas pud, the chocolate ice cream bombe…

My Dad liked the chocolate bombe so much he made it twice! Behind the scenes secret: if you swap out the butter for coconut oil when you’re melting the chocolate, it will set just as quickly but give a proper ‘crack’ when you break into it.


The second series had me itching to get home and unpacking all our Christmas decorations – we teamed up with Homebase to have our bloggers present their spins on decorating the tree and table.

I know lots of people were doing Vlogmas too, feel free to post your links in the comments below! I get extra nosy when it comes to people’s little traditions around this time of year.

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