Guest post for the more! magazine blog

Alan Carr More Magazine

I wish I could say that I knew what to expect when I arrived at the more! offices on a two-week work experience placement, but that wouldn’t strictly be true. Who’d have thought that six months after I first made contact with the more! team I’d be parading around their office dressed as a giant boob, reading the Kama Sutra at my desk, building a shrine to the casts of TOWIE and MIC or mingling with Alan Carr?!

During my two week placement, I’ve tried to take everything in (and girls, there is a lot of gawping to be done when you’re sitting opposite the fashion corridor and opening doors to hot models all the time). I was sure of myself to just say yes and trust me, most of the time, the questions asked were no-brainers: “Vikki, will you go chase down and photograph some good looking lads in London?” Yes. “Will you write a review on these fancy new beauty products (and by the way, you get to keep them)?” Yes. “Will you strike a pose so you can feature in “What we’re wearing” on the more! website?” Yes! “Will you stuff these 200 envelopes with copies of this weeks’ issue?” Uhh… yes! We all have to start somewhere, right?

With the features desk, I researched pages of Man Facts (did you know that a ridiculous number of men admitted to getting jealous when their dogs wagged its tail at somebody else?!) and I selected the best of your Men Overheard entries to feature in upcoming issues. I scrolled through all of your online comments for the more! social network page, coming up with questions along the way for our weekly Facebook debate. I also tagged along on a meeting with the founder of Breast Cancer charity Coppa Feel (hence the boob suit!) and made a whole lot of calls hooking up more!’s hunky male columnist Gary Knox with some unusual future date locations…

The great thing is that you just never know what’s around the corner at more!, literally, as I discovered bumping into Made In Chelsea’s Spencer when he popped by to mark more!’s specially themed mini-mag issue! One morning I arrived to find that I’d be going to meet Alan Carr as he interviewed Steps for his weekly feature. I got to watch the photo shoot, listen in on the interview and sit down for a diet coke with the Chatty Man himself! I couldn’t help but think… ‘this is work?!’  Because if that’s the case, believe me, I can’t wait to start the 9-5!

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