Why it looks like the nice guy always loses…

There’s a myth among men of all ages that the nice guy never gets the girl, and that we will always choose the ones that will break our hearts over the ones that will be waiting to pick up the pieces. Okay, so I’ve been there and done that (ahem… twice), but I want the nice guys to know why it’s not as simple a situation as it looks.

If you think about it realistically, when has ‘nice’ ever been an adequate enough adjective to describe love or lust? We need more than that, even if there’s a greater risk that it’ll all end in tears.

The way I see it, having a nice other half is like buying sensible shoes; they’re comfortable, practical, no doubt durable but ultimately unsatisfying. Girls, be honest with yourself – nice guys, take note: We want the excitement of the pair we spot from the window, we buy on impulse and we know will be the envy of our friends. They’re costly but they’re worth it, they may hurt us but we refuse to get rid of them, we adore them and in return they put that spring back into our step.

The thrill of dating a guy who keeps you on your toes is just the same. But if it’s not long before they’re ruining our nights out and leaving us cursing the day they ever walked into our world, sooner or later we’ll ditch them, depending on how much pain we’re willing to put ourselves through first.

Because the thing is, we all want to end up with a good guy – and all good guys are some other girl’s nice guy. They’re the ones we really want to wear the killer heels for, because they’ll be laughing with us when we’re walking home barefoot with them dangling from our fingertips and who’ll love us just the same, blisters and all.

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