The big mystery of the guy/girl friendship


Do you think that a guy and a girl can ever be ‘just friends’?

Consider the question because it has two sides to it.

Firstly, do you believe that you are ‘just friends’ with someone you’re genuinely close to of the opposite sex? And secondly, if your answer is ‘yes,’ are you just as willing to accept that your other half may feel the same?

Guy ‘mates’ don’t really count here, girls! Nor do your housemates or your girl friends’ boyfriends and vice versa for the blokes reading this. I’m talking about genuine friends that happen to be of the opposite sex; people you spend time with, have in-jokes with and open up to.

Because from three of these sorts of friendships in my own life, I have learnt two personal lessons about girl/guy relationships.

First, that if there is an attraction between two people who get along and spend time together, then sooner or later, the line of friendship will become blurred.

And second, where there is a genuine connection between the two but no physical attraction, the reasons for not pursuing the relationship further are consciously recognised.

That is all to say that I don’t think platonic relationships just exist of their own accord.

As much as I believe (and am walking proof of the fact) that a guy and a girl canbe just friends, I also think that the question of the friendship becoming something more is inevitable. No matter how obvious the answer is to either of them or how quickly they are able to dismiss the idea, dealing with the notion itself is still a bridge that must be crossed in even the most platonic of friendships.

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