An Evening of Burlesque

An evening of Burlesque Review

Whoever said the English had a stiff upper lip has never been seated in front of a hen-do at a Burlesque show.

There was not a hint of reservation in the audience – nor onstage – as Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre was taken under the ostrich-feather wings of ladies such as Miss Von Teasy in ‘An Evening of Burlesque.’

The night was rich in entertainment and opulent in style. Diamonds, feathers and vintage glamour encased a multitude of enviable hourglass figures to rival the original and iconic pin-up girls of the 40’s and 50’s.

Hosted by firey red-head Kiki Kaboo, there was magic, cabaret and lashings of shimmering skin on show as femme-fatale after femme-fatale wowed the crowd with the art of seduction.

Amongst the cast, the delicious Slinky Sparkles enticed the sweet-tooths in a cup-cake print corset whilst feisty carrot-top singer Amber Topaz further whet their appetites with a light-up sapphire bra, dripping in crystals, for her rendition of ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’

A little light relief came in the pint-sized form of magician John Vanderput (“It’s Dutch,” he said. “‘Vander’ meaning ‘of the’, ‘put’ meaning ‘hobbits’…”).

Whilst classical pianist Chrys Columbine tickled the keys and the fancy of the audience, peeling layer after layer off with every turn of the page.

Overall, it was raunchy, it was cheeky and it was very Las Vegas. There was certainly no room for those who blush amongst the suspenders, stilettos and sequinned nipple tassels.

Some will call it devilish, others heavenly. Either way, you are unlikely to forget ‘An Evening of Burlesque.’

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